What is Whence and Whither?
It's a weekly comic set in a world where there are monsters, robots, graveyards and payphones, among other things. In other words it's a world just like our own, except for the monsters. The main characters are Lance and Chuck, two inexperienced adventurers. There are no characters named Whence or Whither. This seems to be a common misconception. These three links might help clear up the confusion.

Who writes the comic? And who is the artist?
I do both. My name is David Noonan, I'm 27 years old and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as a junior designer at King.com, which is nice. I like movies, comics, music and plenty of other stuff. (If you're really curious about what kind of music I like, go here.) I am less fond of pain and heartache.

How do you make the comic?
I use Photoshop and a plain old mouse. Um... I tend to use the pen tool a lot.

How much money do you make from the site?

Then why are you doing it? Why, man?
I used to write and draw a lot when I was younger, but gradually I drifted away from it. This is an attempt to rejuvenate those parts of my brain. I decided I needed to exercise my imagination without worrying about little things like suspension of disbelief, and Whence and Whither lets me do that. I try to approach the writing like a kid would, but without necessarily appealing primarily to kids.

Copyright 2004-2008 David Noonan. All rights reserved.
You can email me if you want: noonan(dot)david at gmail(dot)com

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